Aegina Island, Greece.


4 thoughts on “Departure

  1. Apostolos hello : This is another of your best pictures. The mass of the ship against the sweet seas and the eye of the sun going down make me want to write a story about someone who is leaving maybe not knowing where to go. I wrote 2 small stories of this kind; stories that came to me when I saw the images, please check:

    NO WAY OUT, a collaboration at
    The Chair, a collaboration at

    and see if you would allow me to write something of that kind: a short piece, a little mysterious and maybe ‘without an end’, about this picture of yours.
    But please tell me : I see the great bulk of the ship but it does not look like a luxury liner( thank god!) – what kind of a ship is it ? my best regards, you know that I admire your work, V.

    • My dear Vera, its a blessing when two minds inspire each other. Your stories made me look my photos with an alternative perspective. Until now i was aiming on emotions. Now i can feel that i can achieve something more deeper than emotions.. Sentences, paragraphs, pages through one single image. That is what i will try when composing photos from now on. I think that i have done it sometimes but instinctively.
      Like this one.
      Τhere would be no greater joy if you wrote something about EVERY image with the power to inspire you! The ship its just a simple liner you were right!
      I am looking forward for your story!
      With respect,

      • Thank you Apostolos. I always think that there is more in almost everything than what meets the eye at first.
        And images carry that intensity to a high degree when it comes from the feelings of the image maker.
        You are not only a skilled photographer but an artist as well.
        I was deeply struck by the red rose ‘crying in the rain’ – it reminded me of a similar dark red rose in my previous garden that cupped like that like fist before opening fully. And it does have a deeper meaning too.
        I will now let the story about ‘departures’ cook in the back my mind – the subconscious – until it will surface so I can write it. I am going thru a bad period now of very low mood. Creative people have this problem sometimes, but your outline of a ship feels like leavening that will help me to get over this mind block. Your picture of the staircase also can probably make a good short story – but that photo is so special and superior that I do not know if I can rise to it! The visual memory of the staircase in implanted in my imagination very vividly.
        For now I throw everything in the subconscious and let it simmer for a while. In the meantime I wish to really thank you with all my heart for your warm response.
        In sincere friendship. Vera
        PS I will send you the budding idea for both stories by private email.

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